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Improve quality of life

For residents, losing eyeglasses and hearing aids limits their ability to see, hear, and interact with the world around them. Denture loss often leads to poor nutrition and weight loss, which often exacerbates other health problems. By eliminating the loss of these critical devices, Scandent improves resident health and quality of life.

Save money

Save lots of money

The loss of hearing aids, dentures, electronic devices, and medical equipment is an expensive problem. Many nursing homes spend tens of thousands of dollars annually replacing lost or stolen items, and often end up paying even when they’re not at fault. With Scandent, nursing homes can cut reoccurring replacement costs from their budgets.

Save time

Save staff time

Nursing home employees spend countless hours searching for lost items, resolving disputes with resident families, processing claims, obtaining replacements, and administering special care to residents that have lost dentures and other critical items. With Scandent, there is no more dumpster diving, angry voicemails, or puree diets.

Scandent hearing aid

New hearing aids? That will be $5,000

Each year, nursing homes spend thousands of dollars replacing hearing aids, dentures, and a host of other expensive devices. Replacing lost dentures and hearing aids is an inevitable part of a running a nursing home, and with the cost of dentures often exceeding $1,000 and top-quality hearing aids surpassing $5,000, replacement costs have become a significant line item in nursing homes’ operating budgets.

The small stuff adds up

Individually, remote controls, towels, bedspreads, and laundry bags are relatively inexpensive. However, replacing items like these on a weekly basis can quickly add up. With Scandent, nursing homes can prevent these items from walking out the door or going out with the garbage.

Costs adding up
Recoup investment

Recoup your investment in less than a year

By proactively tagging hearing aids, dentures, electronic devices, medical equipment, and other resident and facility property, Scandent can directly save nursing homes tens of thousands of dollars every year on replacement costs. For the average Scandent customer, the savings in the first year exceed the cost of deploying Scandent.

Hear no evil, see no evil, eat no evil

Hearing aids, glasses, and dentures allow residents to read, watch TV, play games, participate in recreational activities, eat the foods they love, and interact with friends and family. Losing these items deprives them of their ability to have a high quality of life, and can cause embarrassment, loss of dignity, and depression. Further, denture loss often leads to decreased appetite, poor nutrition, and more serious health problems.

More than dentures, glasses, and hearing aids

While Scandent protects dentures, glasses, hearing aids, and other critical medical devices from loss, nursing home residents have a lot of items they use on a day-to-day basis and keep other sentimental possessions in their rooms. That laptop, wallet, iPod, Christmas sweater, anniversary necklace, wristwatch, and Air Force jacket can all be tagged and protected by Scandent.

Better quality of life and higher quality of care

Scandent allows nursing homes to offer their residents higher quality of care, a better quality of life, improve health by ensuring their critical items, medical devices, and most treasured belongings do not get lost or stolen. With Scandent, residents are happier, nursing homes save money, and staff are less stressed.

Success metric 1


items tagged and
protected by Scandent

Since Scandent’s inception, nursing homes have tagged and protected 36,561 items and devices with Scandent, including over 5,694 dentures, 7,162 hearing aids, and 13,709 pairs of eyeglasses.

Success metric 2


dentures, hearing aids, and eyeglasses detected

Scandent has detected 1,724 dentures, 2,979 hearing aids, and 3,122 pairs of eyeglasses at critical checkpoints (laundry, garbage, and kitchen). Many of these items were saved multiple times, but each item was counted only once for this statistic.

Success metric 3


saved per nursing
home per year

Using costs of $1,000 for a denture, $2,000 for a hearing aid, and $50 for eyeglasses, Scandent has detected $7,838,100 worth of individual dentures, hearing aids, and eyeglasses. That’s an average of $37,294 saved per nursing home per year.